Club Meeting Summary – March 30th, 2010

2010 Case Buy - UPDATE

  • All cases were paid for and on hand for distribution. If you didn't have a chance to make it to Shangy's, you missed out on some serious fun!

Masters Championship of Amature Brewing (MCAB) - RESULTS

  • Curt Keck, 1st Place - Pawn to the Porter

  • David Barber, 2nd Place - 1968 Mild

AHA Nationals - UPDATE

  • 1st round of AHA Nationals is Saturday, April 3rd. You have until 5:00PM on Thursday, April 1st to meet the entry deadline

Upcoming Club-Only Competitions

  • April 27th - Extract Only (BJCP categories 1-23). Entries must have at least 51% of the fermentables from Malt Extract!

Upcoming Events / News

  • Brew at the Brew Works on March 6th. Was a complete success (except for a ruptured pipe which cost some wort). The club's Saison should be available in mid April.

  • Jeff Fegley from the Brew Works has asked the club about cosponsoring a charity beer festival around homebrew. We are still in discussions but are working hard to make this happen.

  • This years Big Brew recipe style is Russian Imperial Stout, the recipe will be posted online soon and will be available at Keystone.

Club News / Information

  • We are looking for Volunteers for assisting with the Annual Bus Trip, as well as thoughts on where you'd like to go

  • The club is accepting new design ideas for club t-shirts

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