Club Meeting Summary – November 24th, 2009

Results of LVHB Entries at Stoney Creek's Amateur Homebrewing Championship

  • Al Hazan: 2nd place Belgian Dubbel

  • Bob Piano & Scott Minnich: 1st place Belgian Specialty

  • Bob Piano: 1st place Metheglin

  • Chris Bowen: 2nd place Ordinary Bitter, 3rd place Northern English Brown

  • Dave Barber: 1st place American Pale Ale, 1st place New England Cider, 2nd place Belgian Specialty, 3rd place Cyser, HM Classic American Pils

  • Judy Parsons: 2nd place Berliner Weisse

Eastern Pennsylvania Homebrewer of the Year

  • Congratulations goes out to LVHB's own David Barber who's efforts have won him this prestigeous title

Malt Madness Label Competition Results - 15 entries were ranked by popular vote

  • First place - Bob Piano: "Gallows Hill" (59 points)

  • Second Place - John Kolecki: "Statler & Waldorf's English Bitter" (53 points)

  • Third Place - Bill Straub: "GeminIrish Imperial Stout" (52 points)



    Non-Placing Entries

  • Kristofer Kwant: "Dream Weaver" (32 points)

  • Liz Margush: "Nouveau Summer Ale" (22 points)

  • John Kolecki: "Admiral Ackbar's Trappist Ale" (20 points)

  • Curt Keck: "Steal Your Face" (19 points)

  • Kristofer Kwant: "Phoenix " (17 points)

  • Kristofer Kwant: "Crazy Baby" (11 points)

  • Joshua Baran: "Hop Monsta" (9 points)

  • Kristofer Kwant: "Copper Pale" (5 points)

  • Bill Brothers: "2009 Holiday Ale" (5 points)

  • Kristofer Kwant: "Symphonique" (1 point)

  • Bill Straub: "Golden Stallion" (1 point)

  • Paul Szabo: "Hefe-Weizenbier" (1 point)



    Pictures of the entries are located in our photo gallery.

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