Club Meeting Summary - October 25, 2011

Spirits Club

  • November 18th - Bourbon
  • Must sign up on the forum or notify Scott Minnich or Mike Lessa of your intent to participate
  • Cost is $20 and the samples will be based on member participation, so do not sign up if you are not sure you can make it
Other Upcoming Events
  • Teach a Friend - November 5th Open style, Becker farm, etc.
  • Chocolate Festival - November 19th - NOT SURE IF WE ARE BREWING
  • ABW Craft Beer Festival - December 3rd - WE ARE BREWING
  • November 12th (TBD) at Liberty Street Tavern
  • Beer and food specials
  • Big raffle
Other Upcoming Competitions Other AHA Club-Only Competitions GOOD LUCK TO JEREMY FREY IN PORTLAND, OR!!!


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